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American German Relocation Services is an experienced service company providing high quality residential real estate. With more than 10 years of experience, we are a reliable partner for rentals and sales and offer our customers a professionally tailored range of services. Consulting, sales and commitment are the core competencies of our employees. We invite you to become a part of the AGRS network!


We would like to help you find a suitable home for you and your family. AGRS offers many services to ensure you get settle fast and without conflicts. Our job is to focus on making PCSing a smooth transition to the KMC area. Our services includes move-in and move out inspection utilising the official housing inspection form and protocolled by pictures. We also conduct meter readings to help you register with the local energy provider and UTAP along with the VAT form. All leases are provided and checked by the American Housing Office and are written in German and English, with a few exceptions, according to German tenancy law.


Property can be one of the best investments you can make. And at a time of low mortgage rates this has never been more so. We specialise in selling perfect properties for our Active Military and Government Service Customers. If you are considering in property, AGRS can help you with your essential first steps. We are experienced in recommending the most professional way of utilising your housing allowance to purchase a home. Be smart and invest your government housing funds into secure property because investing into property is still the best way to deposit your money safely and is profitable.


With interest rates very close to negative for depositors you will not be the only investor looking for the perfect property. Most people consider financial decision are made for life. Reason for property investment are buying property, investing in a new home or renovation. Closing cost can be high on property. Most lenders like to see that you can cover these costs yourself and having these upfront costs cached can significantly reduce interest on your mortgage. Check out our financing options. We help research the market and consider your financial situation and can offer investment rate you can get.

Energy Certificates

The new EnEV2014 Energy Saving Regulation has been changed since 1 May 2014. The energy certificates issued according to EnEV2009 are valid for 10 years from the date of issue. Since we have to pay fees for the registration of registration numbers for the issue of energy certificates at the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik since 1 May, the prices for energy certificates will increase. The calculation and thus the data acquisition will hardly change for you. Newly introduced are energy efficiency classes such as A +, A, B, C, D and it is mandatory to hand over the cards to buyers or tenants.

Property Management

We maintain your property to preserve the value of your investment. We create your individual plan to your needs of Property Management for Landlords and Tenants.


Need a nice comfortable place to stay while away from home? If you are relocating to the area and in need of temporary lodging, we got a place for you. Located in Hohenecken, a town right in the middle of the KMC. These accommodations are nice, comfortable, and elegant, come with plenty of space, modern kitchen facilities, beautiful bathrooms, playroom for the kids, and Flat screen TVs, simply a cozy and warm atmosphere and probably one of the best “TLA places” one can find around the KMC. Competitive prices, elegant, and comfortable, within minutes of driving distance to Ramstein and Landstuhl.
Give us a call as soon as possible to make your reservation.

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We are looking for your property, whether a freestanding house, duplex, townhouse or larger apartment. 


Our Agents

We will be happy to assist and support you with all matters and question concerning the Real Estate world. We offer extensive knowledge of the different cities and districts in Ramstein, Landstuhl, Kaiserslautern and the surrounding area. With our passion and attention to real estate we help renters and buyers to find their new home and help sellers get the most value for their home. Please contact an AGRS Agent to help you find the perfect home!

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