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Terms of use

1. The offers are each non-binding. No liability can be assumed for the correctness and completeness of the offers and other communications, as the list is based on information from the seller/landlord or other information officer. Subsales,- rental and -leasing remains the decision of the owner.

2. Offers and other reports of the agent are intended solely for the addressee and must be kept confidential. Disclosure to third parties is only permitted with the written consent of the agent. Offenders will be liable for damages of total commission.

3. Should the interested party (client) already know the origin certified property offered by the broker/agent, it is the responsibility of the client to notify the broker/agent immediately in writing. Otherwise the offer of the broker/agent is to be considered valid by legal contract closure, thus full provision is due to the broker/agent.

4. Shall the property later on be offered directly or by a third party again, the client is responsible to submit previous knowledge of said property and has to decline the offer.

5. If a contract closes on one of the properties also offered by the broker/agent, the client has to notify the broker/agent immediately. Entitlement of the commission remains in full to the broker/agent, even if the contract itself and the specific property offer differs or when the desired economic success was achieved through another contract or through an added fee at a fore closure. The entitlement of the commission to the broker/agent remains even when the closed, legal contract is reversed. If the contract partition which has set grounds for the challenge, that is responsible for the compensation.
The commission also results from a purchase instead and vice versa, as well as if the lease/rental of the property occurred initially and the purchase of the home occurred later on. If the life partner, a relative , a person or company economically linked closes a contract for certified objects/property, a commission is also valid and due.

6. The commission to the agent is due on the day of the conclusion of a rental or purchase agreement for the origin certified object. The agency fee is: rental of living space 1.5 the monthly rent plus VAT, rental of commercial areas, garages and parking spaces 2 rents plus VAT for the. (1,785 rents incl VAT.). (2,38 Kaltmieten include VAT.) tenant, sales 3% of purchase price plus. VAT (3.57% of the purchase price incl. VAT) depending on the seller and buyer. The commission is payable in full.

7. If any provision of this contract is invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Fulfillment and jurisdiction is, unless otherwise specified by law, the place of business of the broker.
updated 2004

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